C-62.1 - Act respecting the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec

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23. A vacancy on the board is filled in accordance with the rules governing the appointment of the member to be replaced.
Absence from a number of board meetings determined by the by-laws made under section 37 constitutes a vacancy.
1994, c. 2, s. 23; 2015, c. 22, s. 2.
23. The Conservatoire may, by by-law,
(1)  prescribe the payment of admission or registration fees for the educational services offered by the Conservatoire, and of tuition fees for such services;
(2)  fix the terms and conditions of payment of the fees referred to in subparagraph 1 and determine the sanctions and penalties which apply, or may apply, in case of failure to pay or late payment;
(3)  determine the cases where withdrawal from a course gives entitlement to a refund of all or part of the tuition fees.
Such fees may vary according to the class of students or program of studies involved, or apply only to certain classes of students or programs of studies.
The requirement to pay tuition fees and the amount of such fees are governed by the by-laws in force on the date of the registration of the student by the Conservatoire.
1994, c. 2, s. 23.