C-62.1 - Act respecting the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec

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17. One of the board members must be a member of the professional order of accountants mentioned in the Professional Code (chapter C-26).
At least eight members must come from outside the Montréal and Québec regions.
1994, c. 2, s. 17; 2015, c. 22, s. 2.
17. No act, document or writing shall be binding upon the Conservatoire unless it is signed by the chairman, the director general or a staff member of the Conservatoire, and, where signed by a staff member, it shall be binding only to the extent determined by by-law of the Conservatoire.
The Conservatoire may, on the conditions and with respect to the documents it determines, allow a required signature to be affixed by means of an automatic device, or allow a facsimile of a signature to be engraved, lithographed or printed. However, the facsimile has the same value as the signature itself only if the document is countersigned by a person authorized by the chairman or the director general.
1994, c. 2, s. 17.