C-61 - Wild-life Conservation Act

Full text
81.2. (Replaced).
1978, c. 65, s. 45; 1983, c. 39, s. 184.
81.2. The Government may, by regulation, establish wildlife sanctuaries, development and conservation zones, and controlled zones, and
(a)  determine the conditions under which hunting or fishing are permitted there;
(b)  totally or partially prohibit the carrying, transportation or possession of hunting or fishing gear;
(c)  determine the conditions with which a person must comply if, for recreational purposes, such person has access to, stays or travels in such zones or sanctuaries or engages in any activity, and the duties such person must pay;
(d)  prohibit or regulate the use, for recreational purposes, of vehicles, boats or motor boats, outboard motors or aircraft, in such zones or sanctuaries;
(e)  authorize the Minister on the conditions it determines to make or order such improvements or structures as he deems expedient, and entrust bodies approved by the Minister with the management or with responsibilities respecting the management of such zones or sanctuaries for purposes of development, conservation and harvesting of wildlife resources;
(f)  prohibit or regulate commercial operations therein;
(g)  determine the cases in which a person or a group of persons may be kept out or expelled;
(h)  prohibit or regulate the presence of dogs in such zones or sanctuaries.
Such regulations come into force on the date of their publication in the Gazette officielle du Québec or on any later date fixed therein.
1978, c. 65, s. 45.