C-61 - Wild-life Conservation Act

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65. (Replaced).
1969, c. 58, s. 59; 1983, c. 39, s. 184.
65. If at the expiry of the lease the exclusive hunting or fishing rights are granted to a new lessee, he shall be required to indemnify the previous lessee for the real value of the structures or improvements existing in the territory covered by the lease and which have given a permanent increase in value to such territory.
In the case of a difference of opinion between the new and the former lessee as to such value, it shall be determined by the Minister upon the application of either of the parties, and the decision of the Minister in this respect shall be without appeal.
The new lessee shall not exercise the rights conferred upon him by his lease until he has so indemnified the previous lessee.
1969, c. 58, s. 59.