C-61.1 - Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife

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24.2. The Government is also authorized, to better reconcile wildlife conservation and management requirements with the activities pursued by Native people for food, ritual or social purposes, to provide, by regulation, adaptations to the provisions of the regulations under Chapters III, IV and VI.
The regulatory provisions made pursuant to the first paragraph shall, if necessary, identify the Native communities and the territories or zones to which they apply. In addition, they may determine, from among the penal and administrative sanctions provided for in Chapters VII and VII.1, those which will apply in case of contravention.
Any draft regulation under this section shall be published in the Gazette officielle du Québec with a notice stating that the regulation may be made by the Government, with or without amendment, on the expiry of 60 days from publication. In addition, the draft regulation must, within the same time limit, be submitted to the Native communities concerned for their advice.
1997, c. 56, s. 2.