C-61.01 - Natural Heritage Conservation Act

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65.4. When analyzing the application, the Minister shall consult the Aboriginal communities, the ministers and the government bodies concerned.
At the end of the analysis, the Minister shall send a notice of eligibility to the applicants’ representative.
Once the notice of eligibility has been received, the applicants’ representative shall prepare a conservation plan for the proposed man-made landscape and send it to the Minister for approval. Such a plan must include
(1)  the boundaries of the area concerned;
(2)  a statement that the recognition is perpetual, or the term for which it is granted;
(3)  the natural, cultural and landscape characteristics that are of conservation interest;
(4)  the objectives and measures relating to the conservation of the area concerned;
(5)  the targets and monitoring indicators applicable to the area concerned; and
(6)  the roles and responsibilities of each of the applicants and, if applicable, of every Aboriginal community, every minister or every government body concerned.
2021, c. 1, s. 35.