C-52.2 - Act respecting the forfeiture, administration and appropriation of proceeds and instruments of unlawful activity

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19. The Attorney General may apply for the cancellation of the registration, in the land register or register of personal and movable real rights, of rights in property referred to in subparagraph 4 of the second paragraph of section 16 if no order declaring that they are not affected by the forfeiture and declaring their nature and extent has been made in accordance with the provisions governing forfeiture.
The application for cancellation must be filed with a certificate attesting that fact issued by the clerk of the court that made the forfeiture order. The clerk of the court issues such a certificate if
(1)  the clerk is presented with proof that prior notice of the forfeiture order in the form prescribed in Schedule 2 was given to the holder of the rights concerned, and with proof of service of the order;
(2)  the forfeiture order has become res judicata; and
(3)  where applicable, the decision dismissing the application for the order referred to in the first paragraph has become res judicata.
2007, c. 34, s. 19.