C-50 - Act to promote conciliation between lessees and property-owners

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59. The Gouvernement may make regulations
(a)  to decree any suppletory, interpretative or accessory provision relating to the application of this act or having the effect of amending or repealing provisions thereof;
(b)  to determine, subject to the provisions of sections 2 to 8, the duties, powers and conditions of engagement or of appointment of the commissioners, of the administrators and of their employees;
(c)  to modify the formalities and delays of procedure prescribed by this act whenever it deems it expedient for the protection of the respective rights of interested parties;
(d)  to enact penalties for the violation of the provisions of this act;
(e)  establish a method for the fixing of the rent of a dwelling taking into account the rent paid at the expiry of the lease, the income from the immoveable in which the dwelling is situated, the variations in the cost of operating the immoveable, repairs, major improvements and new services, the impact of the variation of the market interest rate on hypothecs upon the value of immoveables or any other circumstance relevant to the fixing of a fair and reasonable rent;
(f)  adopt any other appropriate measure to attain the objects contemplated by this act.
The regulations made under this section shall be published in the Gazette officielle du Québec and come into force from such publication or any later date fixed therein.
1950-51, c. 20, s. 31; 1951-52, c. 17, s. 16; 1973, c. 75, s. 8; 1975, c. 84, s. 13.