C-50 - Act to promote conciliation between lessees and property-owners

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24. The lessee who receives the notice provided for in article 1630, 1646, 1647 or 1660 of the Civil Code may:
(1)  within thirty days of such notice, in the case of a lease for a fixed term of twelve months or more, or
(2)  within ten days of such notice in other cases:
(a)  notify the property-owner in writing of his intention to vacate the dwelling at the expiry of the lease, or
(b)  file and application to the administrator for the extension of the lease and fixing of the rent. He must, within such delay, give the owner notice of such application and furnish the administrator proof that such notice has been given.
1973, c. 75, s. 3; 1974, c. 76, s. 3.