C-50 - Act to promote conciliation between lessees and property-owners

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14. The administrator shall transmit the record of the case to the secretary of the Commission, not later than within three days from the receipt of such notice, and the Commission shall revise the decision of the administrator and render its own decision not later than within fifteen days thereafter, on the record as produced.
Nevertheless, if the Commission is of opinion that the record does not reveal all the facts requisite for the decision of the matter, it may obtain them by any means which it deems convenient, including the procuring of additional documents and of affidavits and the summoning, swearing and hearing of any persons capable of giving information, with power to compel them to appear, at a designated place and date, which date shall be the earliest possible within thirty days of the receipt of the record.
The Commission shall render its decision of the appeal not later than within ten days after the obtaining of such additional evidence and its secretary shall immediately give communication thereof to the parties and to the administrator before whom the matter was initiated.
1950-51, c. 20, s. 15.