C-50 - Act to promote conciliation between lessees and property-owners

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1. In this act, unless the context indicates a different sense, the following terms shall mean:
(a)  administrator : an officer charged with the administration of this act in the territory for which he is appointed and an assistant to such officer;
(b)  lease : a lease within the meaning of the Civil Code, whether written, verbal or presumed;
(c)  commissioner : a member of the Commission des loyers;
(d)  Commission : the Commission des loyers, charged with the administration of this act in Québec and constituted under section 2;
(e)  house : a house, dwelling, apartment or a room habitually occupied as a place of abode.
The fact that a lessee uses one or two rooms in the house where he regularly resides, to practice therein his profession, art, trade or business, shall not have the effect of withdrawing such house from the application of this act, provided that the space so used does not exceed one-third of the total space of the house.
In the application of sections 24, 26, 34 to 39, 50 and 54, the word property-owner includes the lessor of a room, even if he is not the owner thereof.
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