C-38 - Companies Act

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94. If the directors of the company declare and pay any dividend when the company is insolvent, or any dividend the payment of which renders the company insolvent or impairs the capital thereof, they shall be solidarily liable, as well to the company as to the individual shareholders and creditors thereof, for all the debts of the company then existing and for all thereafter contracted during their continuance in office, but if any director present when such dividend is declared does forthwith, or if any director then absent does, within 24 hours after he becomes aware thereof and able so to do, enter on the minutes of the board of directors his protest against the same, and within eight days thereafter publishes such protest in at least one newspaper published at the place in which the head office or chief place of business of the company is situated, or, if there is no newspaper there published, then in the newspaper nearest thereto, such director may thereby, and not otherwise, exonerate himself from such liability.
R. S. 1964, c. 271, s. 91.