C-37.02 - Act respecting the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec

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105.6. Where a person has expressed interest in entering into the contract in accordance with paragraph 5 of section 105.5, the Community shall electronically send the person its decision as to the contract, at least seven days before the projected contract date. If that seven-day period cannot be complied with, the contract date must be deferred by the number of days needed to ensure compliance with that minimum period.
The Community must also inform the person of the person’s right to file a complaint under section 38 of the Act respecting the Autorité des marchés publics (chapter A-33.2.1) within three days after receiving the decision.
If no person has expressed interest by the deadline under paragraph 5 of section 105.5, the contract may be entered into before the projected contract date specified in the notice of intention.
2017, c. 27, s. 181.