C-26 - Professional Code

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122.0.3. Following the hearing, the disciplinary council may, if it considers that the protection of the public requires it, make an order immediately imposing on the professional either a suspension or provisional restriction of the right to engage in professional activities or to use a title reserved to the members of the order, or conditions the professional must meet in order to be allowed to continue to practise the profession or to use the title reserved to the members of the order. In rendering its decision, the disciplinary council considers how the alleged offence is related to the practice of the profession or how public trust in the order’s members could be compromised if the disciplinary council fails to issue an order.
The order becomes enforceable on being served on the respondent by the secretary of the disciplinary council in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure (chapter C-25.01). However, where the order is rendered in the presence of one of the parties, it is deemed to have been served on that party on being so rendered; the secretary shall indicate in the minutes the presence or absence of the parties when the council renders the order.
The fifth, sixth and seventh paragraphs of section 133 apply to the publication of a notice of the decision.
2017, c. 112017, c. 11, s. 68.