C-1 - Cadastre Act

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8. (Repealed).
R. S. 1964, c. 320, s. 8; 1993, c. 52, s. 11.
8. If, after the closing of the plan and book of reference of any locality, any land is taken for the line of a railway through and across the lots shown upon such plan, and designated in the book of reference thereof, the railway company shall deposit, in the office of the Minister, a plan showing the land taken for the line; and if the Minister finds such plan correct, he may amend the cadastral plan by causing the land taken for the railway to be marked in red on it and on the copy thereof, and by certifying such addition.
On such amendment being made, the land taken from each lot for such line of railway shall cease to form part of such lot.
There shall be given to the land in each locality forming such line of railway, a number, to be its designation under the provisions of article 2168 of the Civil Code; and the lot so formed shall be entered in the book of reference in conformity with article 2167 of the Civil Code.
In default of the company depositing with the Minister the plan mentioned in the first paragraph of this section, any creditor of the company may, after a notice of thirty days served upon the latter, cause such plan to be made at the expense of the company, and deposit it with the Minister. Proceedings shall thereupon afterwards be had as if the company had itself deposited such plan.
R. S. 1964, c. 320, s. 8.