B-5.1 - Unclaimed Property Act

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6. The debtor or holder must, once a year, deliver to the Minister any property that has remained unclaimed after notices were given to the right-holders under section 5, and any unclaimed property for which no notice was required in accordance with that section.
On delivery of the property, the debtor or holder must file with the Minister, in the form prescribed by the Minister, a statement containing a description of the property and all information necessary to determine the identity of the right-holders, their place of domicile and the nature and source of their rights. The statement must also contain a declaration by the debtor or holder that the required notice was given to the right-holders or specify, if such notice was not required, the reasons why it was not required.
The Government may, by regulation,
(1)  determine the documents that must accompany the statement;
(2)  determine the procedure pertaining to the delivery of the property and the filing of the related statement; and
(3)  determine, according to classes of debtors or holders, the yearly period during which property must be delivered and statements filed.
2011, c. 10, s. 6.