B-5.1 - Unclaimed Property Act

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28. The administration of the Minister terminates by operation of law
(1)  when the absentee returns, the administrator designated by the absentee comes forward, a tutor to the property of the absentee is appointed or a judgment declares the absentee dead;
(2)  when the heirs, or a third person designated in accordance with the testamentary provisions made by the deceased or designated by the court, are able to discharge the office of liquidator of the succession;
(3)  when, in other cases, a right-holder claims the property under the Minister’s administration, or another administrator is appointed with respect to the property; and
(4)  in the absence of any beneficiary of the administration and in all cases where the property is administered on behalf of the State, once the Minister’s liquidation of the property has ended and all operations for the delivery of the administered sums of money and of those deriving from the liquidation have been completed.
2011, c. 10, s. 28.