B-1.1 - Building Act

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37.4. The Board may determine, by regulation, how the conformity of a pressure installation is to be evaluated at the different stages of its design, manufacture, installation, repair, modification, operation and use and at the time of its marketing and commissioning.
The Board may determine, among other things, the notices, information or documents to be sent or recorded in a register, the inspections or verifications to be carried out, the authorizations to be obtained and the statements, declarations, approvals or certificates of conformity required.
The Board may recognize persons or bodies to carry out such an evaluation of conformity or to issue any approval or certificate required under this division.
1991, c. 74, s. 24; 1998, c. 46, s. 13; 2010, c. 28, s. 11.
37.4. No person may market a pressure installation or put back into service a pressure installation that has been repaired, modified or reconditioned, unless it has been approved by the Board in the cases and in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed by the regulations of the Board.
Moreover, no person may market or put back into service any pressure installation where it is to be used for a purpose other than that for which it was originally intended.
1991, c. 74, s. 24; 1998, c. 46, s. 13.