A-8.1 - Act respecting local health and social services network development agencies

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26. Each of these local health and social services networks must include a local authority consolidating the institutions, identified by the agency, that provide local community service centre, long-term care centre and, except in the cases provided in the second paragraph, hospital centre services.
In order to give the general public in its territory access to general and specialized hospital services, a local authority must make an agreement with an institution operating a hospital centre if such an institution could not be included in the authority because of
(1)  the absence of such services in its territory; or
(2)  the complexity involved in integrating those services or consolidating them with the other services provided through the local authority, particularly considering the size of the territory served by the institution, the number or capacity of the facilities situated in the territory, or the sociocultural, ethnocultural or linguistic characteristics of the population served.
2003, c. 21, s. 26.