A-8.1 - Act respecting local health and social services network development agencies

Full text
25. To accomplish its mission, an agency must draw up an organization model based on one or more local health and social services networks covering all or part of the agency’s area of jurisdiction, and propose it to the Minister within the time the Minister specifies.
Each of these local health and social services networks must be designed so as to
(1)  provide the people in its territory with access to a broad range of primary health and social services, including prevention, assessment, diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation and support services;
(2)  guarantee the people in its territory access to the specialized services available in the agency’s area of jurisdiction and to superspecialized services, through agreements or other means, and taking into consideration the activities of the integrated university health network recognized by the Minister and associated with the local health and social services network;
(3)  allow the establishment of mechanisms for the referral and follow-up of users of health and social services, and the introduction of clinical protocols for those services;
(4)  involve the different groups of professionals working in the territory and enable them to build linkages;
(5)  foster the cooperation and involvement of all the stakeholders in the other sectors of activity in the territory that have an impact on health and social services; and
(6)  ensure the participation of the available human resources needed to provide health and social services.
2003, c. 21, s. 25.