A-33.1 - Act respecting Cree, Inuit and Naskapi Native persons

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6. A person is entitled to be enrolled as a Cree beneficiary if, on 15 November 1974, he was
(a)  under the terms of the Indian Act (Revised Statutes of Canada I-6), a member or a person entitled to be a member of one of the eight Cree Indian bands of Québec designated on the said date under the names of Waswanipi, Mistassini, Old Factory, Fort George, Eastmain, Rupert House, Nemaska and Great Whale River;
(b)  a person of Cree ancestry ordinarily resident in the territory;
(c)  a person of Cree or Indian ancestry recognized by one of the Cree communities as having been a member thereof;
(d)  the adopted child of a person mentioned in paragraph a, b or c.
1978, c. 97, s. 6.