A-33.1 - Act respecting Cree, Inuit and Naskapi Native persons

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31.1. The register of Inuit beneficiaries kept by the Secretary General in accordance with section 16 is transferred on 1 May 2006 to the Nunavik Enrollment Office created under section 25.13.
That register then becomes the register of Inuit beneficiaries provided for in section 25.14, and the names and other information relating to the persons enrolled on the register of Inuit beneficiaries or on the list of Inuit beneficiaries not entitled to exercise the rights or receive the benefits granted to them as Inuit are transferred to one or the other of the lists mentioned in section 25.14.
The Minister of Health and Social Services may, subject to the conditions and in the manner determined in an agreement with the Makivik Corporation, provide storage services for the information contained in the register of Inuit beneficiaries.
2006, c. 28, s. 18.