A-33.1 - Act respecting Cree, Inuit and Naskapi Native persons

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25.14. The Enrollment Office maintains the register of Inuit beneficiaries.
This register contains the names of the Inuit beneficiaries entitled to be enrolled under this Act in accordance with the decisions of the community enrollment committee of each Inuit community under section 25.10 or the decisions of the Nunavik Enrollment Review Committee under section 25.23. It consists of two lists, the list of Inuit beneficiaries and the list of Inuit beneficiaries who have resided outside the territory for 10 or more consecutive years.
The lists give the name, sex, date of birth, civil status and place of residence of each beneficiary and the name of the Inuit community with which the beneficiary is affiliated under section 25.10.
2006, c. 28, s. 17.