A-33.1 - Act respecting Cree, Inuit and Naskapi Native persons

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11.1. A person is entitled to be enrolled as a Naskapi beneficiary if, on 30 June 1977, he was
(a)  under the terms of the Indian Act (Revised Statutes of Canada, 1970, chapter I-6), a member or a person entitled to be a member of the band designated on the said date under the name of Naskapis de Schefferville;
(b)  a person of Naskapi ancestry ordinarily resident in the territory;
(c)  a person of Naskapi or Indian ancestry recognized by the Naskapi community as having been a member thereof;
(d)  the adopted child of a person mentioned in paragraph a, b or c.
1979, c. 25, s. 5.