A-29.1 - Act respecting farm-loan insurance and forestry-loan insurance

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22. (Repealed).
1978, c. 49, s. 22; 1988, c. 3, s. 10.
22. The sums necessary for the payment of the obligations of the Fonds pursuant to the first paragraph of section 4 shall be paid out of the revenues deriving from the sums paid to it under sections 5, 19 and 20 and in addition, if such revenues are insufficient, out of any portion of the capital of the Fonds in excess of $10 000 000. Where such revenues are insufficient to make such payment in full and the said excess is inadequate to meet the whole or a part of that insufficiency, the Minister of Finance, at the request of the Fonds, may pay to it, out of the consolidated revenue fund, the sums required to make up such payment.
1978, c. 49, s. 22.