A-29.011 - Act respecting parental insurance

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83. An agreement with the Government of Canada or the government of another province or a territory may provide, in particular,
(1)  that any benefit relating to the birth or adoption of a child is payable to a person either under this Act or under the Employment Insurance Act (Statutes of Canada, 1996, chapter 23) or a statute of another province or a territory depending, in particular, on the place of residence of the person at the beginning of the benefit period ;
(2)  that the application of either Act in respect of a parent entails the application of the same Act in respect of the other parent, regardless of that parent’s place of residence at the beginning of the benefit period and subject to the exceptions that may be provided for in the agreement ; and
(3)  that applications relating to those matters are dealt with in accordance with the terms of the agreement.
The agreement shall include provisions allowing financial adjustment to be made whenever payments have been made.
Lastly, the provisions necessary for the implementation of the agreement made under this section shall be prescribed in a regulation of the Conseil de gestion.
2001, c. 9, s. 83; 2005, c. 13, s. 47.