A-22 - Act respecting land survey

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8. The side lines of the lots established before 25 April 1908, in accordance with the law in force when they were established, shall be and remain valid.
Moreover when, before the said date, the side lines of one or more lots in a range of a township have been established before any other line, in accordance with the usage followed in some parts of Québec, from a post of one range to the corresponding one in the adjoining range above or below, and such lines have not been revoked by judicial authority, the land surveyor establishing the side lines of such range shall follow the same method of division in running the boundary lines of the lots remaining to be bounded in the same range. Except as aforesaid, the side lines of lots shall be established according to the provisions of section 7.
R. S. 1964, c. 263, s. 90.