A-22 - Act respecting land survey

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1. A land surveyor employed to make any survey in a township shall govern himself by the surveys already made under order of the competent authority. In every surveyed township, the original lines, whether internal or external, which have been run, established or reestablished on the ground, under instructions issued by the competent authority and accepted by it, shall be and remain the true lines of such township, whether they are or are not in conformity with the lines mentioned in said instructions; and every post, boundary mark or monument planted in execution of such instructions by a duly qualified land surveyor is declared to be true, and shall not be removed except by the competent authority; and if any such lines, post, boundary or monument be obliterated, effaced, lost or removed, the reestablishment thereof shall be effected according to sections 2 to 5.
By competent authority is meant Parliament, or the Government, or a court of law.
R. S. 1964, c. 263, s. 83.