A-20.2 - Act respecting commercial aquaculture

Full text
42. The Government may make regulations
(1)  determining subclasses of licences and the fees, conditions, restrictions or prohibitions relating to each subclass which a licence holder is required to pay, satisfy or comply with;
(2)  determining the conditions for the issue, amendment, renewal or transfer of a licence and the related fees and administrative charges;
(3)  determining the fees and administrative charges payable for the issue of an authorization;
(4)  determining the books, registers and other documents to be used by a licence holder in carrying on aquaculture activities;
(5)  prescribing standards that apply to the operation of an aquaculture site or a fishing pond and that concern, in particular,
(a)  the construction, layout and equipment of an aquaculture site or a fishing pond;
(b)  the cultivation, raising and keeping in captivity of aquatic organisms and the transportation of live aquatic organisms intended for consumption; and
(c)  the quality of the operation and of the aquatic organisms cultivated, raised or kept in captivity;
(6)  determining the annual fees to be paid by a licence holder;
(7)  determining the reports, information and documents to be provided annually by a licence holder;
(8)  establishing development and yield standards for aquaculture sites in the domain of the State;
(9)  prescribing rules relating to inspection, sample taking, seizure and forfeiture;
(10)  exempting, on the conditions it may fix, a class of persons, products, aquatic organisms, establishments, activities or places it determines from the application of all or part of this Act and the regulations; and
(11)  determining, from among the provisions of a regulation made pursuant to this Act, those the contravention of which constitutes an offence.
2003, c. 23, s. 42.