A-20.03 - Act respecting reserved designations and added-value claims

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15. The Board assigns the following functions to committees:
(1)  to design an accreditation manual in keeping with the criteria and requirements prescribed by regulation of the Minister, to assess specification manuals, to assess, at the Minister’s request to the Board, the special characteristics of products that may qualify for an added-value claim, and to assess the advisability of holding consultations on proposed amendments to a specification manual;
(2)  to assess, in light of the applicable accreditation manual and through such means as inspection plans designed to verify the compliance of a product with the specification manual or the regulation authorizing the relevant added-value claim, the capacity of certification bodies to administer a certification program, and to ensure that accredited certification bodies comply with the standards and criteria set out in the applicable accreditation manual; and
(3)  to monitor the use of recognized reserved designations and authorized added-value claims, and to assess suitable means or proceedings to prevent the unlawful use of those designations and claims.
Each committee is composed of members qualified in the matters within its purview. The functions set out in subparagraphs 1, 2 and 3 must be exercised by separate committees.
The Board makes a decision on an accreditation manual, an accreditation, consultations or suitable means and proceedings once an assessment has been submitted by the competent committee.
2006, c. 4, s. 15.