A-18.1 - Sustainable Forest Development Act

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63. The timber harvested in the course of planned forest development activities, if not allocated to the holder of a timber supply guarantee or to the holder of a permit to harvest timber to supply a wood processing plant, may be marketed by the timber marketing board or sold to one or more wood processing plants at the rates set by the timber marketing board.
2010, c. 3, s. 63; 2013, c. 2, s. 8.
63. The services of forest development enterprises are obtained in accordance with the Act respecting contracting by public bodies (chapter C-65.1), including services that may be provided by a cooperative under the Cooperatives Act (chapter C-67.2). To this end, the terms of a contract that a public body may enter into with an entity mentioned in section 1 of the Act respecting contracting by public bodies also apply to such a cooperative.
In addition to the forest development activities to be carried out, the services requested may relate to the planning or management of such activities or to timber transportation.
2010, c. 3, s. 63.