A-18.1 - Sustainable Forest Development Act

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55.1. The Minister may entrust the composition and operation of the local integrated land and resource management panel under the Minister’s responsibility, including the resolution of disputes that could occur on the panel, to one or more regional county municipalities with which the Minister enters into an agreement described in section 126.3 of the Municipal Powers Act (chapter C-47.1).
In such a case, the municipalities referred to in the first paragraph must invite the persons or bodies concerned that are listed in the second paragraph of section 55 or their representatives and, once the panel’s composition has been established, send a list of the participants on the panel to the Minister. The Minister may then invite any persons or bodies not on the list to sit on the panel, if the Minister judges that their presence is needed to ensure integrated management of the land and resources.
2015, c. 8, s. 210.