A-18.1 - Sustainable Forest Development Act

Full text
169. The Government establishes by regulation a forestry funding program to encourage the creation, maintenance and development of forest production units, and prescribes for that purpose any measure necessary for its establishment and implementation. The regulation may
(1)  determine the conditions, criteria and scope of the program, which may vary, in particular, with the nature of the activities concerned, and prescribe exclusions;
(2)  establish criteria for determining the persons or categories of persons who may benefit from the program, and prescribe exclusions;
(3)  designate the persons who may act as lenders under the program; and
(4)  determine what financial commitments granted under the program are covered by the financial commitment repayment guarantee under subparagraph 5.1 of the first paragraph of section 19 of the Act respecting La Financière agricole du Québec (chapter L-0.1), and specify the extent and duration of the coverage.
2010, c. 3, s. 169; 2011, c. 16, s. 19.