A-13.2.1 - Act respecting assistance and compensation for victims of crime

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162. The Minister may, in accordance with the eligibility and allocation criteria he determines in conformity with applicable budgetary rules, grant financial assistance
(1)  for the promotion of the rights of victims of crime and the defense of their interests;
(2)  for the development of assistance services for victims of crime, including support for the establishment and maintenance of assistance centres for victims of crime recognized in accordance with section 163;
(3)  for the production and dissemination of studies and research on matters pertaining to victims of crime;
(4)  for the production and dissemination of information material or for the devising and proposing of informational, educational or awareness programs or activities;
(5)  for the providing of support to groups of community-based support organizations for victims of crime.
1993, c. 54, s. 162.