T-7.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the alienation of agricultural lands in the domain of the State to certain occupants

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9. Where the occupant provides a title, the alienable area of land is that indicated in the title, except where it is necessary to increase that area of land to bring it into compliance with municipal zoning, subdivision or construction standards and where the location of the land so permits; any additional area of land thus alienated shall be sold at its actual value in accordance with section 15.
An area of land of more than 81 ha may not be alienated to the same occupant, unless the land is used for agriculture, fishery or food-supply purposes.
Notwithstanding the first paragraph, where an occupant provides a title dated prior to 1 July 1984, the maximum alienable area of land is that which could have been alienated to the occupant’s predecessor in title on that date under this Regulation.
With the occupant’s consent, an area of land smaller than that indicated in his title may also be alienated for the purposes provided for in section 7.
O.C. 5-90, s. 9.