T-15.01, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the procedure for the recruitment and selection of persons apt for appointment as members to the Administrative Housing Tribunal and for the renewal of their term of office

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6. Where his impartiality could be questioned, a member of the committee shall withdraw in respect of a candidate, particularly in the following situations:
(1)  the member is or was the candidate’s spouse;
(2)  the member is related to the applicant by birth, marriage or civil union, to the degree of first cousin inclusively;
(3)  the member is or was a partner, employer, employee of the candidate in the last 10 years; notwithstanding the foregoing, a member who is in the public service shall withdraw in respect of a candidate only if he is or was the employee or immediate superior of the candidate.
Where a member of the committee has withdrawn, is absent or unable to act, the decision shall be made by the other members.
O.C. 299-98, s. 6.