T-12, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the brokerage of bulk trucking services

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6. In order to obtain more than one brokerage permit, a legal person shall also demonstrate, in addition to the requirements of section 5.
(1)  that the organization of brokerage services by a single legal person in different brokerage zone represents an actual economic advantage for its members;
(2)  that the regulations it submitted in accordance with subparagraph b of subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph of section 5 are the same for all of its members;
(3)  that it maintains common management for all its members;
(4)  that it maintains, in each brokerage zone, a distinct priority call system;
(5)  that it maintains a billing system for brokerage fees that is distinct from the one used to collect the annual contribution, where the brokerage fee fixed by the Commission provides for brokerage fees specific to each zone.
O.C. 1483-99, s. 6; O.C. 1402-2000, s. 4; O.C. 1279-2011, s. 3.