T-12, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the brokerage of bulk trucking services

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2. A brokerage permit authorizes its holder
(1)  to represent his subscribers with those who require bulk trucking services and to accept on their behalf service requisitions where the destination of the transported product is located in the territory covered by the brokerage permit or, where the services are required for the carrying out of construction work road repair work, excavation, levelling or demolition work, where it is carried out in the territory covered by the brokerage permit;
(2)  to represent his subscribers with other brokerage permit holders for bulk trucking operations to be carried out outside the brokerage zone for which the permit was issued;
(3)  to distribute among his subscribers the bulk trucking services he has accepted in his capacity as broker;
(4)  when his own subscribers are unable to perform a bulk trucking service he has accepted in his capacity as broker, to call upon the services of other brokerage permit holders though any regional association recognized in accordance with Division V.I of the Transport Act (chapter T-12), so that the service be performed by their subscribers.
O.C. 1483-99, s. 2.