T-12, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the brokerage of bulk trucking services

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17.1. Despite section 17, a brokerage contract ends if the operator
(1)  is removed by the permit holder as a disciplinary measure;
(2)  is removed from the bulk trucking register;
(3)  transferred the operator’s registration;
(4)  subscribed to a brokerage service in another zone of the same region following the transfer of the operator’s principal establishment;
(5)  subscribed to a brokerage service during the subscription period referred to in section 4 of the year in which a brokerage permit holder to which the operator is already subscribed may apply to the Commission for the renewal of the permit;
(6)  that is registered with the brokerage permit holder whose issued or renewed permit has been valid for 3 years or more, subscribed to another brokerage service between 1 January and 10 February of the year during which the legal person to which the operator is newly subscribed applies to the Commission for the issue of a brokerage permit.
The signing of the brokerage contract referred to in subparagraphs 5 and 6 of the first paragraph with a legal person that is not a brokerage permit holder at the time of the subscription ends the subscription referred to in the first paragraph only on the date of issue of the brokerage permit to the legal person.
Despite paragraph 1 of section 17 and subparagraph 5 of the first paragraph, where an operator signs 2 brokerage contracts during the subscription period provided for in section 4, only the contract of adhesion for brokerage services to which the operator subscribes, following the request by the Commission referred to in the third paragraph of section 4, is valid.
O.C. 1279-2011, s. 8.