T-12, r. 17 - Regulation respecting road vehicles used for the transportation of school children

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36. Where a school bus is equipped in front with a safety device that may be operated by the driver to keep school children at a distance from the vehicle, the crossing control arm shall
(1)  be designed in such a manner that a force of 50 newtons applied to its centre is sufficient to push or pull the arm;
(2)  be fully extended and at right angles to the bus within not less than 2 seconds and not more than 4 seconds of being activated; and
(3)  not have any points or sharp edges.
The end of the crossing control arm shall be visible to the driver when his eyes are positioned 68.6 cm above the meeting point of the seat back and the seat cushion, with the seat in the middle position at which it can be adjusted sliding backwards and forwards and in its lowest position. A visual indicator may be installed at the end of a crossing control arm to enhance its visibility.
O.C. 285-97, s. 36.