T-12, r. 17 - Regulation respecting road vehicles used for the transportation of school children

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25. The service door of a school bus shall
(1)  be located on the right hand side, opposite the driver;
(2)  be designed in such a manner that its frame provides clearance at least 584 mm wide and at least 1,240 mm high. In the case of a bus of more than 4,536 kg, the frame shall provide clearance at least 610 mm wide and at least 1,720 mm high;
(3)  be provided with flexible padding, to reduce the risk of injury to fingers;
(4)  be provided with a device preventing any accidental opening of the door, with the device installed in such a manner as to prevent all risk of injury to persons getting on or off the school bus; and
(5)  be openable manually from inside the passenger compartment in the case of break-down of its opening device.
The upper part of the door frame on the inside of the passenger compartment shall be padded in such a manner as to reduce the risk of accident when passengers are getting off the bus.
O.C. 285-97, s. 25.