S-4.1.1, r. 2 - Educational Childcare Regulation

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45. A home childcare coordinating office must send to the Minister
(1)  within 30 days of accreditation, the contact information for each of its establishments and the business hours of the office;
(2)  within 6 months of accreditation, a certified true copy of a resolution certifying that the members of its board of directors meet the requirements of section 40.1 or 40.2 of the Act, as applicable; and
(3)  within 10 days of the Minister’s request, a description of the means the office takes to fulfil the obligations under section 42 of the Act.
The office must also notify the Minister of any change regarding the documents and information within 10 days of the change.
O.C. 582-2006, s. 45; S.Q. 2009, c. 36, s. 102.