S-4.1.1, r. 2 - Educational Childcare Regulation

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35. A permit holder must have, for the children receiving childcare,
(1)  games and educational material relevant to the educational program and suitable to the age and number of the children;
(2)  a sufficient number of seats and tables of a suitable size for the children;
(3)  a sufficient quantity of bedding, facecloths and towels; and
(4)  storage within the reach of the children for games and material.
On the premises where children under 18 months of age receive childcare, a permit holder must have a washable diaper changing table installed at a suitable height near a washbasin, and a closed container for soiled diapers. The same applies to premises where children 18 to 35 months of age receive childcare.
O.C. 582-2006, s. 35.