S-3.1.01, r. 1 - Dam Safety Regulation

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25. The crest of an erodible dam at its lowest point must not be less than 1 m above the safety check flood level, unless the owner demonstrates to the Minister’s satisfaction that all hydrologic and hydraulic uncertainties and flood management uncertainties have been taken into account in the determination of the safety check flood.
The factors that the Minister shall consider include the extent of sampling periods and the reliability of the source data, the methods and models used, the accuracy of the calculations, the catchment basin lag time and the routing of the safety check flood as well as the dam’s capacity to manage it, in particular with respect to response and operating time, the reliability of discharge facilities and the impounded water management plan.
This section does not apply to dams designed to withstand a “probable maximum flood”.
O.C. 300-2002, s. 25; O.C. 402-2011, s. 4.