S-3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting safety in public buildings

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4. Attestation:
(1)  (Paragraph revoked).
(2)  (Paragraph revoked).
(3)  (Paragraph revoked).
(4)  (Paragraph revoked).
(5)  When deemed necessary by the inspector, the latter may require from the owner a certificate issued by an engineer, an architect or a recognized organization attesting the solidity of the public building.
(6)  Upon the request of the inspector, the owner shall provide certification by a specialist on the subject or a recognized organization that a material or assembly of materials, a device or a system complies with the requirements of this Regulation and, where applicable, with any requirement of a regulation mentioned in subsection 1 of section 6. The certificate shall contain the data used to establish that the material, assembly of materials, device or system complies with the requirements of this Regulation.
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