S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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3.9.21. Suspended scaffolding used by bricklayers: Any suspended scaffolding for the use of bricklayers shall:
(a)  be attached to an outrigger beam capable of withstanding at least 4 times the maximum utilization load without exceeding the allowable stress of the materials used. This outrigger beam shall, in addition to be conform to section 3.9.15, be solidly fixed in one of the following ways:
i.  by an anchorage to the concrete slab on which it rests;
ii.  between 2 concrete slabs, by beams or columns braced perpendicular to the vertical and horizontal planes;
iii.  to the beams of the metal framework;
(b)  in addition to conforming to paragraphs a and c of subsection 1 of section 3.9.16, have a wooden guardrail as specified in Subdivision 3.8;
(c)  include hoisting apparatus:
i.  in sufficient number and assembled so that the safety factor of the cables is always more than 10;
ii.  attached 2 by 2 to the same outrigger beam; and
iii.  equipped with a double safety device which continually locks the winch against any reverse motion and with cables which conform to section 3.9.13;
(d)  include a platform:
i.  in conformity with section 3.9.8;
ii.  made of pieces of wood 50 mm × 250 mm bolted at each end on a putlog;
iii.  equipped with steel putlogs whose circular ends are 25 mm in diameter and 50 mm in length and perforated 15 mm at the outside edge for a 10 mm pin; and
(e)  assembled so that an end of one span is never more than 200 mm higher than the other.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-2.1, r. 6, s. 3.9.21; O.C. 1413-98, s. 16.