S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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3.18.1. Requirements prior to demolition:
(1)  The principal contractor must send to the Commission a demolition notice giving the method used, at least 7 days before the beginning of wrecking work on a building or structure. In emergency cases the notice must be sent as soon as possible before the beginning of wrecking work; such emergency must be proven by the principal contractor.
Wrecking of any prestressed or poststressed concrete slab or structure shall be made according to a method approved by an engineer qualified in the field.
(2)  Where mechanical wrecking is used, the notice must include the power of the machine, weight of the wrecking ball, space reserved for debris, successive wrecking steps, restrictions from and agreements with public utilities.
(3)  The consumer supply mains for water, gas and electricity and the other services shall be cut off at the place and in the way specified by the authorities involved. These service mains shall be relocated to avoid any damage and shall not constitute a hazard for workers and the public.
(4)  Any building or part of building in demolition shall be solidly braced or supported to avoid any collapse which could be dangerous for the workers.
(5)  Provision shall be made for the necessary supports with respect to adjoining properties in order to ensure their stability and to avoid any collapse.
(6)  Any glass shall be removed from outside openings prior to any demolition operations.
(7)  Any sidewalk or street running alongside a demolition site shall be isolated from the latter by a covered sidewalk closed on the demolition side as stipulated in section 2.7.2. However, this covered sidewalk may be replaced by a barrier if this sidewalk or street is located at a distance exceeding half the height of the building, but this building shall not measure more than 7.5 m in height.
(8)  (Subsection revoked).
(9)  The public shall be prevented from entering a building which is marked for demolition.
(10)  Construction signs shall be installed wherever the public may be exposed to any danger.
(11)  All demolition works shall be done under the continuous supervision of a competent foreman.
(12)  No employer shall employ for demolition work any worker younger than 18 years of age.
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