S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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312.97. Characteristics of a personal floatation device or a life jacket: A personal floatation device or a life jacket must be adapted to the work conditions identified for the purposes of subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph of section 312.94 and have enough floatability to keep the worker’s head above water.
It must also
(a)  be of the right size;
(b)  be bright in colour and equipped with reflecting strips visible when in water;
(c)  be equipped with a whistle;
(d)  be equipped with a locator device, such as a light or locator beacon, where the weather conditions or waves interfere with location in water; and
(e)  bear a Transport Canada approval stamp or tag or be approved compliant with ISO Standard12402, Personal flotation devices. Despite the foregoing, where it is used for navigation, it must be approved by Transport Canada.
Despite the first paragraph, it must have a minimum floatability of 69 N (15.5 lbs) and, in whitewater, floatability must be ensured by buoyant materials, regardless of the floatability level required.
For the purposes of the first paragraph, where floatability requires more than 69 N and the site is not in whitewater, floatability may be ensured by buoyant materials, an automatic inflatable system activated upon immersion or a combination of the two.
A personal floatation device or a life jacket must be maintained and checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
O.C. 1223-2021, s. 2.