R-20, r. 4.1 - Regulation respecting the election of a representative association by employees of the construction industry

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9. Before the poll begins, the Commission sends each employee his or her ballot paper, a return envelope and an informative document that gives the voting instructions.
The return envelope must be prepaid. It must be opaque and not allow the identification of the employee.
The informative document must specify in particular
(1)  the date on which the poll begins and the closing date for receiving ballot papers;
(2)  the cases in which a new ballot paper may be provided and the conditions for obtaining a new ballot paper, provided for in section 11;
(3)  the obligation to attach to the ballot paper a photocopy of one of the identification documents provided for in section 14;
(4)  the cases in which a ballot paper may be rejected and the consequences of a rejection.
O.C. 244-2012, s. 9.