R-15.1, r. 6.2 - General Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans

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7. The following documents may form the subject of an application contemplated in the second paragraph of section 25 of the Act:
(a)  the provisions of the plan and the amendments thereof;
(b)  the 2 most recent documents of each of the following categories:
i.  the returns contemplated in the first paragraph of section 15;
ii.  the declaration contemplated in section 16;
iii.  the lists and financial statements contemplated in section 17;
(c)  the correspondence exchanged, during the 2 years preceding the application, between the Board and the administrator of the plan, excepting the correspondence pertaining to a member of the plan or to a beneficiary thereunder.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. R-17, r. 1, s. 7.